Buché gioielli


“In 2015 I rediscovered a passion rooted in my early youth: thanks to the inspiration and the example of my mother, who instilled in me the pleasure of creative research, jewellery design became the instrument to give way to my jovial imagination. I like to think that thanks to my jewels women can give a touch of lightness and irony to elegance.” 
This is how in 2017 Buchè was born as the result of Elisa's creative spirit. Inspired by the elements of couture and decor, Buché jewels bring together distant materials, adding stones, ribbons and decorative fabrics to precious metals such as gold and silver.
Through this blend, lightness and gravity, colour and ripples, smoothness and sobriety merge with one another in a harmonious way.
Buché jewellery is entirely designed and produced in Italy.
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